Friday, July 10, 2009

Beer Drinkers! Get Paid for a Quick Survey

Do you drink beer? Here's another opportunity for Beer Drinkers to get paid for your opinions. Don't forget, Palm Research offers two daily $1 surveys so sign up now and earn enough money every month to buy all kinds of beer! Details for Beer Drinkers survey below...

SURVEY 15460
Name: Beer Drinkers Study
Demos: Male/Female, 21-39 YOA
Qualifiers: None
Location: USA
Payout: $0.75
Time: 12 Minutes

Thursday, July 9, 2009

NYC Parents, We Need Your Opinion!

If your a parent in NYC then I've got an opportunity for you. Give your opinions in this quick survey and sign up for daily legitimate surveys (no spam included) and get paid when you qualify. You'll get 2 opportunities to make $1 each and every day. That's $60 plus per month just for a few minutes of your time every day. Surely is you're a NYC parent, your schedule is hectic as it is, but your opinions are valuable, and you can enjoy a few moments knowing that you're contributing to changes in consumerism, plus getting paid. Details for the NYC Parent study below...

SURVEY 15458
Name: NYC Food Study
Demos: Male/Female, 32-60 YOA
Qualifiers: New York City Only, With Kids
Location: USA
Payout: $0.75
Time: 15 Minutes

Dallas/Fort Worth Area Study Get Paid for Your Opinons

If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, we need you to contribute your opinions and get paid. Earn $1.75 for just 15 minutes of your time. Sign up with Palm Research and get 2 legitimate paid survey opportunities every day. Earn enough monthly income with this legitimate survey company to pay a bill every month, and have fun giving your valuable opinions. Dallas/Ft. Worth residents, this survey is for you. Details below:

SURVEY 15459
Name: Dallas/Ft. Worth Study
Demos: Male, 18-34 YOA
Qualifiers: Dallas and Ft. Worth Only
Location: USA
Payout: $1.75
Time: 15 Minutes

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sell Your Photos Online - Another Great Way to Make Money from Home

Sell Your Photos Online - Another Way to Make Money from Home

Do you like to take pictures? Do you like to make money? I've discovered several websites that offer free registration where you can sell photos online and receive royalty payments. Each of the websites listed offer different terms, and most offer additional ways to earn by referring your photographer friends!

For most, in order to sell photos online, you must register for free, and then take a little quiz. Basic stuff, really. They just want to know that you understand the basics of digital images, upload and how their system works. Also keep in mind whether or not you want to sell photos online exclusively with one website, or whether you'd like to take advantage of non-exclusivity and sell photos online to several websites at once.

If you're looking to buy stock photos, you can certainly do that as well, but if you're looking to sell photos online to make a little (or a lot of) extra cash, get out your camera and do your thing. You never know! With the internet living in most of our rooms these days, it's so much easier to turn your artistic flair into a comfortable financial living.

Try it out! For my list of more than half a dozen online websites to use to sell your photos, click the link below.

Sell Your Photos Online - Another Way to Make Money from Home

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Love Renting Movies? Give your Opinions in this Quick Survey for $1.25 cash reward!

This is a great one for everybody (US residents only). No matter your age, if you love renting movies and have opinions, you can get paid to share them! Paid online survey opportunity from Palm Research. Earn $1.25 for only about 12 minutes of your time. Give your opinions on Movie Rentals and get paid, plus get 2 new survey opportunities every day!

SURVEY 15457
Name: Movie Rental Study
Demos: Male/Female, 13-99 YOA
Qualifiers: None
Location: USA
Payout: $1.25
Time: 12 Minutes

Paid Survey for Men about Power Boats

Got a power boat? Want a power boat? Give your opinions about power boats and get paid $2.00 for only 10 minutes of your time!! This paid online survey is another great opportunity from Palm Research to get paid for your opinions. New paid online survey opportunities every single day from Palm Research. Your opinions are valuable and you'll certainly enjoy earning some extra income every month just for answering questions. No spam or scams. Just legitimate surveys with cash rewards. Details for this survey are below:

SURVEY 15375
Name: Power Boat Study
Demos: Male, 35-54 YOA
Qualifiers: HHI Over $100k
Location: USA
Payout: $2.00
Time: 10 Minutes

Men! Get paid to talk about your dream car!

This paid survey is for Men only! Guys, how cool is it to talk about cars? This is a paid online survey from Palm Research about New Vehicles. If you're 18 to 30 years old, participate in this paid survey and get $1.50 for about 20 minutes of your time. Join Palm and make up $60 or more per month with all the great paid surveys available. Details for this New Vehicle paid survey are below:

SURVEY 15456
Name: New Vehicle Study
Demos: Male, 18-30 YOA
Qualifiers: Male Only
Location: usa
Payout: $1.50
Time: 20 Minutes