Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A unique income stream ...and a great affiliate program to check out

Here's something a little bit different...

A new way of making money, expanding your business ...and expanding YOU!

You get membership to 3 clubs for the price of 1 -

1. Mind Gold Membership  - You'll get 'In The Zone', a powerful brainwave entrainment audio, created by leading expert Jeff Gignac...

...with private label rights (worth $100)

This high powered track will quickly help you attain 'Peak Performance' states. 

Use it - re-brand it - Sell it - Keep 100% profits

This is the first time Jeff has ever released PLR on his audios. He's worked for CEOs, top athletes and personal development experts like John Assaraf... to get private label rights to this audio for just $4.95 is pretty amazing.

Plus you'll get brandable mind power ebooks to help make you even more money...

...and if you stay on as a member, you'll get a new PLR audio every month.

2. Super Mind Music membership (Value $100)

You'll get access to the ALL Super Mind Music albums. They contain beautiful classical and ambient music mixed with brainwave entrainment. They can help you increase focus, boost creativity, boost mind power and much more (ideal for internet marketers)

3. Super Mind Academy membership plus bonuses (Value $200)

Advanced mind power training school run by Jeff Gignac - the perfect way for you to improve yourself ...and your business...

He'll reveal his amazing Adaptive Response Training (ART) to the public for the very first time. Plus you'll receive advanced training in conversational hypnosis, NLP and brainwave entrainment.

You'll get membership to all 3 clubs and over $400 worth of products for just $4.95.

If you're serious about your business and making money, you should take a look. Visit this link below for more details -

...and you'll get a FREE brainwave entrainment audio just for checking it out :)

It also comes with a great affiliate program...

* The main offer is simply irresistible - over $5000 worth of cutting edge mind power products for just $67 - You'll earn 50% commission for any sales referred
* All buyers, and all visitors, are then offered membership to the 3 clubs for just $4.95. Following months are $27 and you'll earn 40% month after month for any sales referred
* High conversion rates - No squeeze pages - tons of promotional tools

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Many thanks,