Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get your websites and links Google indexed FAST!

If you guys haven't been by Garry Conn's Forum yet, I urge you to check it out. I have learned more in 2 weeks from being a member of this forum than I did in 8 years of doing it on my own. Well, let me rephrase that a bit. I learned a lot on my own in 8 years but being a part of Garry's forum for 2 weeks has glued ALL the pieces together!

One of the little tidbits that I got by being a part of this forum is a way to get new websites and links indexed by Google; maybe a little faster than normal. I've experienced a new URL indexed in under three hours simply by posting a short blog. There are two Wordpress blogs that have been created just for this reason. Visit each blog, sign up, and create a quick post. That's it! No funny business, or they'll delete your post, but you are welcome to advertise your new website and Google should come by and pick it up asap. Here are the links:


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Free Images for Commercial Use

If you guys are like me, you know to make money online you probably need to make use of images. But where do you find them? Most sites that offer free images don't allow them for commercial websites (ie: websites where you plan to make money) and if they do, there's usually a fee. Photobucket is a great site for using pictures, but the terms of service are so complicated that I never feel fully comfortable snagging a free image from there and using it on a commercial site.

It's also pretty difficult to find free images in a search engine as, for me at least, the only sites that come up are 'royalty free images' which generally involve a fee, and a hefty one at that. I finally found a great website that is 100% free and for use however you wish.

www.sxc.hu, stock.xchang, the leading free stock photography site, hasn't yet let me down. I can always find something near to what I'm looking for. They do have images that can be purchased as well, so this site is legitimately making money. stock.xchang has great photos for all sorts of scenarios and if you're looking for images to complement your websites, graphics and pages, I highly recommend this website for free images.