Thursday, July 21, 2011

Online Sellers, Print Postage Online

There are so many ways to print postage online and if you're an online seller, having this option really makes online business life a lot more convenient. Recently, I was introduced to a cool product called pbSmartPostage from Pitney Bowes.

Here's what I like about Pitney Bowes. When I was 16, (a hundred years ago) I worked at an insurance agency as the administrative assistant. One of my jobs was to run bulk mail through a postage machine to get it ready for the Post Office. The machine I used was a Pitney Bowes and I was fascinated by the entire operation. So many companies nowadays end up going out of business because they don't flow with the changes. Pitney Bowes isn't one of these companies. They understand the need for individuals to print postage from home, not just large businesses. This is where pbSmartPostage comes in.

As a small at-home business owner, you'll be able to:
- Buy and print postage stamps online
- Print exact postage (so you don't overpay)
- Get discounted USPS rates on certain services
- Ship and track packages online
- Automatically verify address to reduce undeliverable mail
- Save time, gas, etc. by not going to and from the post office

I realize that there are a few great companies out there that provide similar services, but many of them haven't been in the postage business as long as Pitney Bowes. If you haven't yet selected your postage software, I encourage you to try out the pbSmartPostage 60-day free trial.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Facebook Like Site for Network Marketing and Business Opportunities

Today one of my lovely online friends introduced me to a new site called BizOppers. It's a lot like Facebook but geared more for those of us who are involved in business opportunities or have websites to advertise. Like Facebook, you set up a profile and list your links. Others come to connect with you and you can share and swap info about your business and your expertise in network marketing.

One of the great things about BizOppers is that not only will you almost immediately connect with thousands of potential customers and share business opportunities, but you can also make money by referring people in your network. BizOppers offers a free version and some extra perks if you upgrade. Refer people who upgrade to Gold and you'll begin generating monthly commissions.

With the free account, you'll be able to set up your profile, list your business referral links and connect with thousands of other people. You can also ask for connections who can help you with your business needs, as well as list yourself as an expert or professional in several fields.

So far I'm enjoying my time on the site. I've only just set things up this morning and I've already got several connections. There is a leaderboard for the top referrers of the site and it's always fun to browse and see who's made the most connections.

Come on by and join me at BizOppers. See you on the inside!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

7 Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop Using

7 Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop Using

There are so many ways to earn 5 bucks on gig sites like 5Georges. Here are 7 ways that you can create a gig to promote your Etsy shop.

1. Offer to Create Treasuries - post a gig offering to create 5 or more Etsy treasuries using the buyer's items for $5. You can put on your thinking hat and find items that relate to your own and create a treasury based on those items and others.

2. Discount one of your Etsy items to only $5 - Sell an item that you make or offer it at a discounted rate of only $5. This can help you to gain lifelong customers and repeat buyers. Keep the shipping fees in mind when selling an item which needs to be physically shipped.

3. Offer a $40 discount coupon for only $5 – when someone buys your coupon for 5 bucks, you can create a custom Etsy listing within your shop. Include the discount already purchased by the buyer. For the example listed, your $50 item would only be $10 for each person who buys your coupon. This is a great way to offer savings to your customers while getting your name and products out there.

4. Offer to Blog about a fellow Etsy shop - since Etsy is all about networking, you might already have a crowd following your Etsy related blog or website. Offer to write an article, blog post or product review and post it to your blog or site. Interesting articles on your site will help you as well. 

5. Create an Etsy Banner for $5 – your digital artwork is bringing in customers left and right. Offer up some of your talent to fellow Etsy owners to spruce up their shops as well. When people are satisfied with your services, they'll talk and tell their friends where to find you for additional business.

6. Offer to Promote Links to your followers – post Etsy and other craft-related links to Facebook wall, groups and Twitter followers. People will gladly pay 5 dollars for the extra attention to their Etsy shops, plus your followers love to hear about new and exciting products and creations.

7. Advertise Another Etsy Shop for 1 month – post a gig advertising an Etsy shop for one month, or offer to include promotional materials inside the orders you ship out each month. People love this form of advertising and your customers could become their customers as well.This form of advertising would be well worth 5 bucks for many Etsy shop owners.

There are several sites out there that allow you to tell the world what you would do for 5 dollars. allows promotion of website links, as well as encouraging users to network and share the wealth. Check out and start promoting your Etsy shop and others.