Saturday, December 27, 2008

A.W. Surveys - Scam from the get go!

Ok, so this blog is all about LEGITIMATE ways to make money at home. I usually like to simply avoid anything negative, as you might already know from following My personal blog, Bloomdrop's Zany Zodiacs. In avoiding anything negative, I like to provide all the legitimate ways to make money, but I prefer not to bother writing about anything that might be considered a scam. My biggest reason for that choice is that I really don't like to outright call someone else's business idea a scam. We are here to make money and not necessarily to please everyone with our practices. However, I began this journey by starting a website of only legitimate survey companies. In locating legitimate companies for my survey directory, A.W. Surveys was one of the survey companies that kept popping up.

These people are certainly making the money to market themselves. I see them advertised everywhere. How are they making sufficient money to advertise so much? By promising top dollar for people to refer friends, and then not paying anyone for referrals. Oh, wait! From what I gather from all my research and reading, they apparently pay a 'chosen few' and the assumption can be made that this is done so that there will still be a few people who sing the praises of this scam, scam, scamming survey company. From my research, it has been concluded that their favorite reason for denying payment is by saying that referrals were gathered fraudulently and therefore are not valid.

According to Survey Police, another legitimate directory of online survey companies, there are 5 unresolved complaints. I refuse to even list AW Surveys at And the only reason I decided to post this now is because the first person who decided to leave a comment on this blog was trying to push A.W. Surveys on me. HA!

I have even had a personal run in with A.W. Surveys. And if you don't want to say that this is a scam red flag, then I don't know what is. I signed up, just to see what would happen. I did the initial $28 worth of surveys, which automatically sounds too good to be true. I had a question about one of their processes, being that I was starting a directory of legitimate surveys, so I sent them an email through their online support system. I already had an idea of what these people were about. My ticket was mysteriously 'closed' with no response. I reopened it and replied 'LOL' to which that was closed with no response as well.

AVOID AW SURVEYS LIKE THE PLAGUE! You won't usually see me posting negative things about money-making opportunities, even if they are scams, but this scam is just too juicy to pass up. If you are blindly referring people to AW Surveys without knowledge, just stop. There's a really slim chance of your getting paid, so waste your time on something that's actually legitimate like ClixSense or just go to the right of this blog page and sign up for a survey company that is actually going to pay you for surveys and referrals!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


So I have to say that myLot is really starting to grow on me. For those of you who haven't heard, myLot is a community where you can discuss issues, ask questions, view blog posts, news articles and read about people's personal experiences. The best part of myLot is you get paid for all your contributions to this site.

Each time you make a post, comment or submit a blurb, you are paid for your entry. Talk about the weather, get to know people, raise a complaint, get some information, a question answered, or post your thoughts. Each contribution earns you a little more money. There are some people who spend the better part of their days writing on myLot.

You can also use myLot to promote your business. Though, like any site, myLot disapproves of directly spamming and entering your network links anywhere and everywhere, if you're crafty, you can get word for your products and services out there. Technically, it's not considered spam if people are interested in what you have to offer. Just be careful about where you put links to your affiliate programs and such. Private messaging is the safer way to go, and always be conscientious of what you're pushing. If you know it's a scam, please don't try to get a million people involved!

Further, myLot allows you to post HTML code on your profile page. This is the PERFECT place to enter your affiliate banners, website links and network referral URLs. Then you can simply respond to posts by people looking for your time of services, and point them to your profile. myLot is a social networking community. Use that to your advantage, plus get paid! myLot also has a referral program. You can't go wrong. Spend all day, or even just a bit of time, posting and reading and having fun and you'll be bringing in some money in no time.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Promote Your Links Using Social Networking

The difference between spam and self-promotion is sometimes hard to decipher. Many of us on the internet are looking for ways to tell people about what we're doing, and seeking to share valuable information with those who are like-minded. Some just want to get as many referrals as possible, but others are genuinely seeking people who might be interested in articles, webpages, e-books, blogs and more.

Social Networking has become very popular and there are so many ways to make friends and exchange links with others who share the same interests as you. Some social networking and bookmarking website work better than others, depending on what it is that you have to advertise. I've created a Squidoo lens that outlines some tips on social networking and gives some great resources on where to find friends. Enter your profile information in each corresponding section and sit back as people find you and you can begin to get support for your great ideas, articles and internet creations.

click here to Self Promote using Social Networking

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Repair and Clean Registry Errors

I've written a review article on CCleaner, a great tool for fixing registry errors and cleaning, repairing and optimizing your PC. It's easier to make money with your PC when it's clean and up to speed! :) This is a free tool and I am in no way affiliated with the company. I use this tool to keep my PC free of registry errors and cleaned of junk. I highly recommend it.

See article here

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