Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sites Like Etsy, But Free

sites like etsy but free
In an attempt to look for sites like Etsy, but free, I had an inspiration. I love Etsy, and I still continue to sell successfully on the site, but like many people, I was looking to find alternatives. When you have handmade goods and interesting supplies to sell, there's no harm in listing them in more than one place, especially when they are selling on a regular basis.

I couldn't find any sites like Etsy that were free and suited my needs. I tried Bonanza and never had any luck. I do make handcrafted items, but I also like to sell natural supplies, like driftwood, shells and various cool and interesting things from the woods. So many other people are more creative than I am, and I like to provide supplies to those people and see what is created with them. I've had success in the past selling items like this, and I've often had people approach me to find out how they could become sellers of similar items.

This is how Driftwood Mall was born. The site is an online marketplace, very much like Etsy. It offers FREE listings, which is great since you never really know whether something is going to sell, until you list it and people come flocking. If you are a seller of handmade items, natural supplies, creative art or recyclable materials, you are invited to apply for a shop.

How Driftwood Mall is Like Etsy:
  • online marketplace for buying and selling handmade goods
  • seller payment goes to straight through Paypal upon confirmation of sale
  • users can favorite items and share via Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • offers a blog (small at the moment) with related tips for buyers and sellers
How Driftwood Mall is NOT Like Etsy (but better...shhhh):
  • no listing fees!
  • seller payment is sent to Paypal immediately, and commission comes out of that payment. This means no monthly bills and no waiting for payment to be deposited based on certain conditions
  • no added site shipping fees. This means that customers know exactly what they will be paying without being surprised by added shipping costs upon checkout.
  • no vintage items that aren't handmade. I love vintage, but these items get in the way of the true spirit of creativity. 
  • more specific categories that open up brand new markets and inspiration. Some of these include recyclable materials, natural supplies and half-finished projects.
  • available sister blog where you can request one of your products for a feature post
  • a small site at the moment (but we're open to changing that fast!) Smaller means customer service right now is fast and personal. If you have questions, we've got fast answers.
  • viral contests available. Donate an item and watch traffic flood to your shop as people share your items on Facebook and Twitter to gain entries in the contest. (Email shop (at) driftwoodmall (dot) com to inquire now about donating an item for the contest...or contact us from the site.)
  • sellers are encouraged to share links to their Etsy shops, as well as their personal websites. We believe in abundance. There's enough to go around and everyone deserves a piece.

How Driftwood Mall is NOT Like Etsy (and maybe not so good ways):
we are a growing site that launched in May of 2012. Started by one person in a living room, this was an enormous project that spawned entirely from drive and passion. We don't have as many cool bells and whistles in place yet, but if you join and help us spread the word, all that is listed in this section may fall right into place.
  • Etsy just added cool functionality to accept credit card payments without using Paypal. Currently, Paypal is the only payment option available at Driftwood Mall
  • No forum (yet!)
  • Not as well known yet, but you can help fix that as well.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sell Shells, Beach Treasures and More!

sell shells online
Sell Shells, Beach Treasures and More Online!
Did you know that you can sell shells online? Everyone loves to collect seashells, but very few people have access to beautiful, natural shells from different coasts and seashores. No matter what shape or size of shells you like to collect, you can put them online for sale and earn money at home.

Where Can I Sell My Shells?
Driftwood Mall is a new online marketplace that offers natural supplies, like seashells, beach glass, driftwood, bark, acorns, pine cones and so much more. In addition to craft supplies from nature, sellers can also list handmade arts and crafts, recyclable materials and other interesting and creative items. Listing on the marketplace is free and all you have to do to begin selling shells is sign up for a free account and click Apply for a Shop.

Why Do People Buy Shells?
The world is full of inspiration and creativity, and so many people have found their passion in the arts. Driftwood Mall pairs creativity with nature by offering a way to buy and sell one-of-a-kind art and unique creations made from natural and creative materials. People buy shells for many different reasons. Some might use them to make breathtaking seashell wreaths or wedding centerpieces. Others use tiny shells for jewelrymaking and beading crafts. Larger shells might be used for home decor or landscaping purposes. The list is endless and this is the reason that shells sell online.

Sell Shells Online Now
If you already love to collect seashells from your local beach, or you're interested in turning an interest into a money-making hobby, visit Driftwood Mall to begin selling shells and other natural items. We'd love to sign you up as the newest vendor in our marketplace and welcome your collections, treasures and creative handiwork.