Monday, August 17, 2009

Are You Scared of Network Marketing?

If you run in the same circles I do, you've at least heard of MLM and Network Marketing, and you might have even tried it once or twice. If you're looking for ways to make some SERIOUS money from home, you've heard all the hype, tried to get your mind around the fact that MLM seems like a pyramid scheme, and also tried to swallow the idea that you'll be forced to pay a monthly autoship of possibly hundreds of dollars, while also being forced to go out and drum up friends, relatives, co-workers and/or anyone you come into contact with, to do the same as you. Otherwise, you don't make money, right?

Well...I have been saying for a while now that the the way to make money is changing. I've been feeling it, I've been seeing other people do it, I drive around in my car and look at ALL the money that's floating around me and I wonder, 'when's the big money coming my way?' You know all those people who claim they began with 10 bucks in their wallet, living in a shack, and now they are millionaires can't be lying. Maybe some of them...but not all of them. There ARE ways to make money. Why do they elude us?

There are so many reasons for that fact that money eludes most of us. Some of them are psychological. Some of those reasons are directly related to the systems we use, or don't use! Some of those reasons are due to our own attitudes about ourselves, about money and about risk.

First just let me say that I am having quite a bit of success with the KiSS program. If you haven't heard of it, do check out my KiSS Squidoo page, or go directly to my KiSS website to get the goods. This one is an inexpensive $10 monthly autoship and you have some GREAT options on how you'd like to spend that. KiSS is growing by leaps and bounds (164% growth in July) and their official launch date isn't until October! Once they officially launch, you can expect really great things. If you can foresee that great vision, I'd really urge you to sign up now. $10 a month is easy to come up with if you understand the potential monthly income exceeds $10,000. Do the math. Get in early. There's still time.

Now this leads me to the real reason for my blog post. By getting involved in KiSS and utilizing my wonderful social media tools like Facebook, Better Networker and Twitter, I have managed to begin attracting some very successful people into my life. I couldn't be MORE excited about this. One of the most eye-opening things I've read lately is that it's very hard for one person to make a ton of money by himself. A team is of utmost importance. Well, I am beginning to be noticed, accepted and befriended by some really important people in the network marketing industry. But the greatest part of that news for you, my readers, is that right now, this very minute, those same people are opening up their invitation to anyone who wants to join them....for FREE!

There is a HUGE opportunity, on the horizon, that will change so many lives. It is in network marketing, so if you're one of those people who has excuses why network marketing just isn't for you, well, sorry, you're going to miss the boat. But! If you've got as little as a glimmer of hope for what you could potentially make happen with an awesome MLM program, and a fantastic, helpful (and very wealthy) team of people working with you, now is your chance to get in on that free as an HMG founding member. This program hasn't yet been launched either, but will be in the coming few days. Once the flood gates open, with the help of a huge, full-color back page ad in Network Marketing Business Journal, for a contest to win a fully paid, fully loaded, $100,000 Mercedes Benz, your downline will fill up quicker than you can say the word.

On top of that, you have access to some of the industry leaders. Brad Hager, the mastermind mentor behind HMG, has some really lofty goals. He's made multi-millions, so he's allowed to dream up lofty goals, and anyone who knows him can bet their bottom dollar (literally) that those goals will be reached. This go around, he's planning to make 100 people millionaires. His personal goal, and the goal for the company is to guide 100 people to earning $1 million. In addition to that, he's got huge goals for bringing in a half million people to his downline (imagine if you accepted the free founding member position right're looking forward to a huge chunk of that number being in YOUR downline!). And that's not all. If you want to hear more, Brad Hager does a conference call each and every Monday night for anyone who's interested to hear what he's got to say. I'll give you more on that in a moment.

So, if this all sounds exciting to you, and you just can't wait another moment to find out more, please check out my Network Marketing Pre Launch - Become an HMG Founding Member Squidoo page. Here, you'll find out all the info on what's going on, how to join for free, how to connect to some great people on conference calls, and how to get started in changing your financial future rapidly, and forever. Come and join me in this astounding opportunity.

(Oh and by the way, if a Benz is your dream car like it is for me, there are tons of ways to get one in this program...not even counting the fact that you will have so much money you could afford 10 of your own. Oh, you can earn a Harley Softail as well. Come check it out. It's free.)