Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vision Board Contest

I stumbled across a business opportunity that absolutely lines up with one of my favorite passions. It's a company founded by John Assaraf and Bonnie Bruderer and offers to teach people about the vision board experience.

Because I've experienced personal success with the vision board, I decided to enter the contest to win a heap of personal development products, as well as a shot at the business opportunity.

I'd LOVE to have your vote!!

You can watch my video and vote here:

Winning this contest will give me an even easier opportunity to share my story with the world. I believe we can all benefit from positive energy and the tools and resources provided by John Assaraf, who played an important role in the movie The Secret. If you haven't seen it, you must. It could be the first step toward a more focused and joyful life.

Additionally, I believe this is an awesome opportunity for you to learn about the tools and resources that John Assaraf has mastered and not only live a fuller and more meaningful life, but share this journey with others...just like I've dared to do. If my words can help one person to become more peaceful or joyful or happy, I'm satisfied.

Please take a moment to give me your vote in the VISS Vision Board Experience See It and Be It Contest.

Thanks in advance!!