Sunday, December 20, 2009

Get Paid To Click, New, Earn $60 Per Month

Wow. If you didn't like Treasure Trooper before...

Now you can get paid to click one or all of over 40 links per day, every day! Earn 5c per click getting $2 per a lil math and that's $60 per month, in addition to all the other cool ways to earn cash at Treasure Trooper.

You guys know I hate scams and this is one of the two get paid systems (CashCrate being the other) that I really enjoy. There were already a bunch of ways to earn cash with Treasure Trooper. Now they've added another!

Get Paid To Click
Every day Treasure Trooper will offer up to 40 links available to click. They pay 5c for each clicked link, and you can click them once per day. That totals about $60 per month that you can earn just from Cash Clicks. But don't wait because they have a link quota. Once that quota is full, they take the links down, as those advertisers have reached their daily budget. Log on early each day to take advantage of this great new feature called Cash Clicks.

get paid to complete cash offers, contests, games, more

Take Surveys to Get Paid
Treasure Trooper offers a ton of surveys to get paid as well. You can take 3 surveys per day, earning you $2.50 every day. That's another $75 per month!

Get Paid To Click for Cash Offers
One of Treasure Troopers mainstays is it's Cash Offers. We all know how these work, at least we all do if we've been reading this blog! Cash offers give you between 50c and $50 to complete an offer. Read carefully because some of these are crazy, but some of them will pay you simply to give your contact information or enter a drawing. Word of Caution: this is where you could get a flood of spam in your inbox if you aren't careful. To avoid a hassle of a million emails per day, just create a separate email account for this.  Then take advantage of clicking all the offers you can handle and watch your Treasure Trooper cash account start growing!

Cash Back Shopping
Get paid to shop? What? Well, you're already shopping online anyway, why not get cash back through Treasure Trooper for buying the things you're already going to buy anyway. Wow...I just love this service. All the big names are on the list so signup at Treasure Trooper right now and don't make another online purchase until you get your cash back for shopping set up.

Get Paid to Play Games
Treasure Trooper also has games galore! Just sign in and go to Trading Hut on the side panel. Mabutu will greet you and get you set up for the forum treasure hunt, Jungle Slots, Buried Treasure and The Quarter Bin.

Treasure Tracker
Treasure Tracker is a fun service that allows you to 'track' money and bills. You can make money this way too, of course! And this is a way to make ongoing money for something really fun. Once you sign up for Treasure Trooper, simply go over to and enter the serial numbers of all the bills in your wallet. Record on the bills and whenever anyone goes there to 'track' a bill, they'll be signed up as your referral...earning you 20% commission, which we'll get to in a moment. Now I'm not advocating that you 'deface government property' but get a stamp if you want. All it needs to say is and people will just love to go and discover what that's about. Imagine HOW MANY TIMES one bill changes hands. There's a ton of potential with this one.

Get Paid to Refer Your Friends
This is one of the most lucrative parts of getting paid with Treasure Trooper. Refer people using your unique referral URL and you'll earn 20% of everything they make. Now comes the fun part. When they begin to invite their friends, you'll earn 5% of everything your friends' friends make. That's some serious cash! Here's my unique URL if you'd like to join under me:

How Much Can I Earn Per Month With Treasure Trooper
Let's do some quick math:
  • Cash Clicks - get paid to click for up to $60 per month
  • Cash Surveys - get paid to take 3 daily surveys for up to $75 per month
  • Cash Offers - get paid to fill out offers; let's lowball this one at $20 per month
  • Cash Shopping - get cash back for shopping big name online sites; let's lowball this one at $10 per month
  • Cash for Playing Games - get paid to play games; let's lowball this one at $10 per month
  • Treasure Tracker - get paid for referring users who track money and bills; potential here is unlimited, but let's lowball it at $25 per month
  • Referrals - get paid for referring your friends to Treasure Trooper; again potential for earning cash here is unlimited. You could make 5 per month, you could make $5000 per month, but let's just say $50 per month from your referrals.

What's the GRAND TOTAL??
$250 per month +++

Of course, I know you're keeping in mind that all this depends upon little old you to actually partake of the surveys, cash offers, friend referrals and get paid to click opportunities. There are no guarantees here and this is simply a general outline. But if you really need to make that car payment, this is a super fun way to get it accomplished. Put some effort into advertising your friend referral link and you could make 5 car payments...get a Benz...who knows. The potential really is limitless with earning cash at Treasure Trooper.

You need to be 13 years or older to join Treasure Trooper. Teens, this is a great way to make money online for a few minutes a day!