Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Truth about Get Paid to Blog, Sponsored Posts Sites

Well, well, well... did I learn a thing or two yesterday! When I started this blog, I had signed up for, and had been offering links to sponsored blog post and pay to blog websites that were 'legitimate' and not scams. Well, that little word 'scam' just has a large array of meanings here on the internet, doesn't it?

Though not scams, and likely still a great and satisfying way for some to earn money online with their blogs, sites like Smorty, PayPerPost and Sponsored Reviews really irritate Google. I hadn't been using any of them myself except Smorty. Smorty expressly has a blurb on their website that ensures that Google PageRank will not be affected as they do not require you to admit that you are writing a sponsored post on your blog. Well, I suppose right there should have been my first clue. If you are hiding something, that's a lie, and lying has consequences.

Well, I discovered the consequences of using my other personal blog for Smorty sponsored posts, as well as their fun little feature of post exchange. Post exchanges allow you to write posts for other blogs, and in turn, another blogger writes a post for you. This creates a one-way link into your blog so that 'supposedly' your Google PageRank will increase. To me, at first glance, this didn't seem like anything that could possibly be against any rules. And maybe it's not, but more about that in a moment. Once your Google PageRank increases, you get more sponsored opportunities from Smorty.

Well, I own 3 other websites and the two blogs. I've been obsessing over Google PageRank since I began this journey back in September of 2008. I finally got a PageRank increase to 1 last night on every site, including this blog, EXCEPT the blog that I used for Smorty...which is now back to N/A PageRank. That's even worse than Zero, I think. So, it immediately occurred to me that Smorty was the culprit. Upon a bit of research from other great bloggers, I realized that what I had been doing, and selling to the world as legitimate, is actually a great, big, fat GOOGLE TOS NO-NO!

So, I have officially suspended links to any and all 'get paid to blog' links. I checked out Social Spark and I just wasn't impressed with how they operate either. I refuse to tell you that you can make money posting on your blog for any of these sites because the entire point, besides getting paid, is to raise your Google PageRank. If you start at 0, you can't get any rank when Google catches you, and if you start higher and get lots of paid posting opportunities, you'll lose your Google PageRank when Google catches you. It's a no win situation!

So, I'm back to simply writing articles for the sites that I know to be legitimate. These include Helium, Bukisa, Associated Content, eHow and others. Links can also be found to the right of this blog.

Also, I'm having a rather good time at Gather. Gather is a social networking community that boasts 'The Best Conversation Online.' Not only can you make great friends and find interesting topics on which to comment, but you also earn points for your contributions that can be cashed in for gift cards or Paypal cash. More on this shortly.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A.W. Surveys - Scam from the get go!

Ok, so this blog is all about LEGITIMATE ways to make money at home. I usually like to simply avoid anything negative, as you might already know from following My personal blog, Bloomdrop's Zany Zodiacs. In avoiding anything negative, I like to provide all the legitimate ways to make money, but I prefer not to bother writing about anything that might be considered a scam. My biggest reason for that choice is that I really don't like to outright call someone else's business idea a scam. We are here to make money and not necessarily to please everyone with our practices. However, I began this journey by starting a website of only legitimate survey companies. In locating legitimate companies for my survey directory, A.W. Surveys was one of the survey companies that kept popping up.

These people are certainly making the money to market themselves. I see them advertised everywhere. How are they making sufficient money to advertise so much? By promising top dollar for people to refer friends, and then not paying anyone for referrals. Oh, wait! From what I gather from all my research and reading, they apparently pay a 'chosen few' and the assumption can be made that this is done so that there will still be a few people who sing the praises of this scam, scam, scamming survey company. From my research, it has been concluded that their favorite reason for denying payment is by saying that referrals were gathered fraudulently and therefore are not valid.

According to Survey Police, another legitimate directory of online survey companies, there are 5 unresolved complaints. I refuse to even list AW Surveys at And the only reason I decided to post this now is because the first person who decided to leave a comment on this blog was trying to push A.W. Surveys on me. HA!

I have even had a personal run in with A.W. Surveys. And if you don't want to say that this is a scam red flag, then I don't know what is. I signed up, just to see what would happen. I did the initial $28 worth of surveys, which automatically sounds too good to be true. I had a question about one of their processes, being that I was starting a directory of legitimate surveys, so I sent them an email through their online support system. I already had an idea of what these people were about. My ticket was mysteriously 'closed' with no response. I reopened it and replied 'LOL' to which that was closed with no response as well.

AVOID AW SURVEYS LIKE THE PLAGUE! You won't usually see me posting negative things about money-making opportunities, even if they are scams, but this scam is just too juicy to pass up. If you are blindly referring people to AW Surveys without knowledge, just stop. There's a really slim chance of your getting paid, so waste your time on something that's actually legitimate like ClixSense or just go to the right of this blog page and sign up for a survey company that is actually going to pay you for surveys and referrals!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


So I have to say that myLot is really starting to grow on me. For those of you who haven't heard, myLot is a community where you can discuss issues, ask questions, view blog posts, news articles and read about people's personal experiences. The best part of myLot is you get paid for all your contributions to this site.

Each time you make a post, comment or submit a blurb, you are paid for your entry. Talk about the weather, get to know people, raise a complaint, get some information, a question answered, or post your thoughts. Each contribution earns you a little more money. There are some people who spend the better part of their days writing on myLot.

You can also use myLot to promote your business. Though, like any site, myLot disapproves of directly spamming and entering your network links anywhere and everywhere, if you're crafty, you can get word for your products and services out there. Technically, it's not considered spam if people are interested in what you have to offer. Just be careful about where you put links to your affiliate programs and such. Private messaging is the safer way to go, and always be conscientious of what you're pushing. If you know it's a scam, please don't try to get a million people involved!

Further, myLot allows you to post HTML code on your profile page. This is the PERFECT place to enter your affiliate banners, website links and network referral URLs. Then you can simply respond to posts by people looking for your time of services, and point them to your profile. myLot is a social networking community. Use that to your advantage, plus get paid! myLot also has a referral program. You can't go wrong. Spend all day, or even just a bit of time, posting and reading and having fun and you'll be bringing in some money in no time.

Sign up for myLot now

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Promote Your Links Using Social Networking

The difference between spam and self-promotion is sometimes hard to decipher. Many of us on the internet are looking for ways to tell people about what we're doing, and seeking to share valuable information with those who are like-minded. Some just want to get as many referrals as possible, but others are genuinely seeking people who might be interested in articles, webpages, e-books, blogs and more.

Social Networking has become very popular and there are so many ways to make friends and exchange links with others who share the same interests as you. Some social networking and bookmarking website work better than others, depending on what it is that you have to advertise. I've created a Squidoo lens that outlines some tips on social networking and gives some great resources on where to find friends. Enter your profile information in each corresponding section and sit back as people find you and you can begin to get support for your great ideas, articles and internet creations.

click here to Self Promote using Social Networking

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Repair and Clean Registry Errors

I've written a review article on CCleaner, a great tool for fixing registry errors and cleaning, repairing and optimizing your PC. It's easier to make money with your PC when it's clean and up to speed! :) This is a free tool and I am in no way affiliated with the company. I use this tool to keep my PC free of registry errors and cleaned of junk. I highly recommend it.

See article here

Got ideas for your own articles? Join Bukisa and get paid to write!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Determining Duplicate Content; When Can You Repost Your Articles?

When it comes to search engine optimization, there is much debate over the effects of duplicate content. Writers and webpage designers are in a quandary over the rules determining duplicate content and how it can affect SEO, filters, content views, and the earnings involved for both writer and website owner.

I write articles for many different sites, including my own websites, blogs, and other sites like eHow , Bukisa , Helium, and Squidoo . To determine how I felt about this issue of duplicating content across sites, I decided to do some of my own research.

One side of the debate holds the argument that it is never appropriate to duplicate an article on more than one website. The claim is that Google and other search engines filter out duplicate content based on certain criteria. Therefore, duplicating content would put you, and the sites that you write for, at major risk of 'losing' some pages as many will be filtered out and not displayed in search engine results.

The opposing viewpoint states that duplicate articles, as long as they are legitimate, are not at risk of filtering, especially when titled differently and displayed on completely different websites. Because of this, one may freely post a duplicate article anywhere possible without worry.

When determining the secret rules behind SEO, no one can really be 100% positive. I discovered an invaluable article called Duplicate Content Filter: What it is and how it works and a Similar Page Checker tool that helped me to determine whether duplicating my articles across more than one website is beneficial to myself, as well as the hosting website, or whether to steer clear of it and take the time to rewrite articles each time I post.

The Similar Page Checker helps to determine the percentage of similarity between two pages. I checked a few of mine between sites, and based on my gut reaction at the similarity percentage, I decided whether or not to make changes to the content. This is a great tool to use on an ongoing basis to decide for yourself how to post your articles.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Make Money Blogging for Smorty

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!! 12/31/2008
******Unbeknownst to me, involving your blog with Smorty or any other Paid to Post or Sponsored Reviews website really upsets Google. I have just proven this with my own experience as Google PageRank was updated and the only one of my sites that is back to N/A is the blog I use for Smorty. I'm officially cancelling my account and removing all links to any Pay Per Post, 'make money with your blog' sites until further notice...(which may be never!)

Smorty is a website that offers paid writing jobs for your blog. Based upon some criteria involving page ranks and blog popularity, you will be offered paid assignments and you can start making money for your blog. Your job is to simply write your opinions about people’s products and services, and publish these opinions to your blog. You will be paid shortly after your blog entry has been approved.

Sign up for Smorty. To get blog approval, here are part of Smorty’s guidelines: "Blogs that are not indexed, have little or no content, are banned from search engines or contain hate related and crude content may be rejected or put on Probation until corrected. Your blog must be older than 30 days and have at least 10 posts to apply." Other than that, the only rules are the obvious ones.

One thing that I really like about Smorty is their post exchange program. They pair you with other similarly ranked blogs, and you write a review for that blog. In turn, another blogger will write a review for your blog. Instead of a 'link exchange' this process is creating an inbound-only link from another blog, therefore increasing your Google PageRank. When Google PageRank increases, not only does your blog popularity increase, but your opportunities for making blogging money will increase as you are offered more paid reviews. I find this little program to be quite awesome!

Smorty is currently offering a beta version of their Digxa Widgets. I haven't yet tried this feature, but I have read that it connects to products by Amazon. If you aren't yet an Amazon affiliate, and don't have plans to become one, this is a super easy way to begin earning commission from product sales. Yet another great way to make money for blogging with Smorty.

Lastly, Smorty offers a friend referral program. You will earn 5% commission on all payments made to any referred bloggers who sign up under your referral link. If you have a blog, it is my opinion that you can’t lose with Smorty.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

MySurvey - My Favorite Paid Online Survey Company

Banner Ad

So far, of all the paid online surveys I've tried, MySurvey is my favorite. Why? Well, if you're familiar with taking online surveys, you know that sometimes you get tons of invitations, but only a few that you actually qualify for. This is generally the case with any paid online survey company that works with OTX. I've heard from lots of others, and have found myself, that it is almost impossible to qualify for an OTX survey. You may also know from taking surveys online that you may or may not receive cash. Sometimes survey panels pay in points which you can exchange for prizes. Neither is the case with MySurvey.

MySurvey sends frequent surveys, of which most are pretty easy to qualify for. They pay in points, but the points are redeemable for cash. No long-winded surveys that take a hour for 50 cents. There are two points about MySurvey that really make it my favorite paid online survey panel.

#1. MySurvey loves to send trial products!! I love to get free products in the mail. Sometimes, in addition to getting free trial products like diapers, soap, food, handi-wipes, and other great items, you even get paid additional money once the survey is complete! I've gotten many products from MySurvey over the past few weeks. Getting free stuff in the mail makes it even more exciting to participate in the associated online survey for my opinions.

#2. MySurvey has a great referral program. They pay $1.50 for every person that you invite to sign up to take paid online surveys. That's a pretty good deal. I don't care who you are!

So, check it out. I've cashed in already once, and working on building up a little more for my second check. Unfortunately they don't pay via have to wait for a check in the mail. But that's ok. The rest of MySurvey's qualities make me a very satisfied survey taker!

Banner Ad

**MySurvey is open to US Residents only, but if you check the FAQs, they do have sister panels available for Canadian and European residents

Australia Based Legitimate Paid Online Surveys

If you're an Australian resident, there are quite a few legitimate paid survey opportunities available to you. I will list some of them here. You can also visit for a full list of legitimate opportunities, with ratings and comments by people who have experience filling out paid online surveys with each company.

Survey Savvy

Earn cash incentives, paid when you complete a survey

Sign up your friends and receive cash incentives for completed surveys by your friends and your friends' friends...

Minimum payout is $1 and you may request payment by check at any time. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Testimonial from Susan at directory: "I love Survey Savvy. Good surveys with no hassles. Some companies make you go through a bunch of pages before telling you that you don't qualify, but this one doesn't do that."

Lightspeed - Australia

Earn points for taking online surveys

Convert your points for Paypal credit and gift vouchers

Register and automatically go into the draw for $1,500

Opinion Square

Take Surveys, Earn Cash and Prizes

Earn points and cash them in for various rewards like gift cards, electronics or home appliances

Receive special surveys that offer cash and gift cards as a 'thank you' for participating

Enter the $100,000 'Your Opinion Matters' monthly sweepstakes just for joining or referring friends. See website for more details.

Test & Vote

Join Test & Vote and have your say to retailers and manufacturers and earn high street vouchers and many other prizes for your time.

Member of Toluna Network
Opinion Matters

Fill out surveys and earn points redeemable for cash
Prize points each give you 1 entry into a major prize draw

$2 to $10 for every survey completed

Fill out surveys and earn points

Points can be exchanged for Gift Cards and Merchandise

Win $5000 cash
Nielsen Consumer Panel

Earn points for scanning and submitting barcodes.

Redeem points for gifts like electronic equipment, household items, jewellery or toys.

Earn points for every survey you complete

Free Shoppers Advantage membership, and discounts on over 35,000 branded products

Use your BrandLeaders points to redeem chances to win great prizes. See website for more details

Write high quality reviews for products you find helpful and earn money every time others rate them highly

Invite your friends to join Ciao and earn commissions

Write particularly high-quality reviews and receive an invitation to earn even more cash

UPDATE!!! PLEASE CHECK WITH directory. There is a comment posted that may help you make a decision on whether this is the site for you. Ciao does have a section for surveys, in addition to writing reviews.
American Consumer Opinion

Look for details inside the email for incentive amounts available for completing each survey

Win cash from monthly drawings, just for being a member

Each time you fill out a short screener questionnaire, you'll be entered to win a cash drawing

Make Money at Home Writing for Bukisa

Bukisa is one of my favorite sites to write and post articles and get paid. Bukisa is a portal for user-submitted articles, how tos, and other educational content in the form of videos, presentations, podcasts, powerpoint slides, image slideshows and audio recordings. Bukisa pays for content submitted, and it can be treated like a social networking site as you are given the opportunity to make friends, rate and comment on others' articles, and network for personal or business purposes. Make money for writing articles, creating videos and more! The process is very simple. Sign up here and once you've filled out your biography and profile information, click Submit Content and start publishing.

Everyone has a talent, and everyone has knowledge. Why not share that knowledge with the world via writing, audio, video, or podcast? With Bukisa, you can upload these kinds of documents, and more, and earn residual income from home. Bukisa is a great site for beginners, or to maximize earnings for writing and video projects that you've already created.

Tip #1 - Their website is still a tiny bit clunky, but for the most part it's smooth sailing. Your articles, videos, podcasts, how to documents, and images should be published immediately, although occasionally I get a message saying an article has to be approved. This approval process seems to take less than a few hours, so no worries there.

Tip #2 - If you click Publish and nothing happens, scroll up to check that you've only got between 10 and 30 words in your Short Summary. Also make sure you've got at least 250 words inside your article. The screen doesn't refresh when this is a problem, so you may wonder what's going on.

At Bukisa you can publish text articles, video, audio, slides or images. Pay is based on their current index and revenue sharing model, meaning you can earn the dollar amount reflected by the current index for every 1,000 views your content receives. The other great thing thing about Bukisa is they pay 3 levels down for affiliates and invited friends. So sign up, invite your stay at home mom and dad friends, and have a writing party! You'll earn for your own reads, views and listens, and earn a little something for your friends' content, too!

Stay at home moms or dads have yet another exciting and easy way to get paid for working and writing from home. Bukisa does not require exclusive rights, so you may submit previously written articles, as long as you are the writer. (You may wish to make slight changes to content and title to avoid search engine duplication, a matter in debate by SEO experts.) Articles are usually published immediately, though occasionally you may notice an article pending for review. Bukisa seems to be very good about getting articles reviewed quickly.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Find Legitimate Paid Online Surveys

Here's an article I wrote for

Not all paid online survey sites are scams, but how do you know the difference? With so many people and places claiming to be legitimate, it's hard to figure out who's telling the truth. Find out how to avoid spam and scammers and actually earn some money. Get paid in cash and prizes to take legitimate paid surveys online. (Click the links to the right under 'Legitimate Paid Online Surveys' or visit for a directory of legitimate paid online survey opportunities.)

Making money filling out online survey companies is really quite easy, once you've weeded through which ones are for real, and which ones are making false promises. But that's a time consuming process. Fortunately, there are a few, but just a few, websites out there that outline which survey companies are actually legitimate. There are about three categories that companies claiming to be 'paid online survey' companies fall into.

Legitimate Paying Online Surveys - yes, they exist! There are quite a few marketing research companies that will actually pay you to participate in filling out questionnaires and recording your opinions on topics anywhere from new movie releases, to your shopping habits, to what you think about a potential new product. Most of these surveys pay between $1 and $3, but some will pay $75 or more if you qualify for further questions. There are additional survey companies who look for people who qualify for their focus groups. These usually pay between $50 and $150 for an hour or two of your time and opinions.

Survey Newsletter Club and Fill Out Offers - These survey companies, whether legitimate or not, are not as revealing with what they promise. This is where reading the fine print comes in most handy. Many of today’s online survey companies will hook up with hundreds of other companies, and give you a newsletter or questionnaire with opportunities for free samples, discounts and survey panel memberships. Additionally, you may be promised a big ticket item like a Wii or a $500 Target Gift card. In order to qualify for these prizes, you must fill out offers; generally 2 silver, 2 gold and 2 platinum. If you like to discover great discounts and new products, like free contact lens subscriptions, discounted rates on informative e-books, and weekly pet food coupons, this is definitely a great service to look into. Please be aware, however, that you’ll want to set up a new email address, as you’ll definitely get lots of email offers and spam.

Surveys with a Fee-Based Subscription - Many survey companies promise you paying online surveys for $100 per day or more! This sounds so wonderful and wouldn’t we all just love to quit our jobs and tell people what we think about Pop-Tarts all day? Of course we would. And of course, this sounds too good to be true, so you can bet that these promises come with a fee. That fee is generally $25.95 or higher. It’s a one-time fee that claims to hook you up with a long list of hiring survey companies that pay. I have not personally come across any positive feedback about such companies, unless it’s from another website trying to get you to sign up. If I were you, I’d never, ever pay a fee to sign up for filling out online surveys for cash.

Tips & Warnings
Legitimate survey companies generally refer to themselves as Market Research companies. Their websites will be full of information about their company and links to privacy statements, contact information and FAQs.

You might be best served using the search term 'survey scams directory,' as you'll be directed more towards weeding out which surveys you want to avoid!

Find a directory with ratings from OTHER PEOPLE! This will give you a good idea about the experiences of real people, instead of trusting the person who's affiliating with a particular survey company.

NEVER pay anyone money to fill out surveys. Though they may not be scams, there are plenty of companies that pay you to fill out surveys for free.

You're not going to make a living filling out's not possible. But you can most definitely make enough to pay one of your bills every month, or treat yourself to something special.

Visit for a list of legitimate paid online survey panels

Qassia, a way to make money with Adsense, and advertise your blog, website, or pages FREE!

Qassia is a site that allows you to add your own website, blogs, Squidoo links, or other personal pages to share linking opportunites, and Google Adsense ad revenue.

Sign up for Qassia. You will be taken to your user page which reveals how many Qassia dollars you've accumulated, which website links you've added, and any Intel you've added (information you've uploaded to the site). You will receive Qassia dollars for adding Intel to the Qassia site, screening (rating) Intel added by others, and referring friends to Qassia.

Use your accumulated Qassia dollars to disperse them amongst the website or blog links you've added, and rank higher within the Qassia site. Each time you create Intel, you'll be asked to 'backlink' to one of your websites. This will create an incoming (not reciprocal) link to your site. If you're at all familiar with SEO, you'll know that one-way links are more beneficial in search engine ranking. Qassia has plans to add additional ways to use your accumulated Qassia dollars in the future.

Enter your existing Google Adsense publisher ID (simply sign up for a Google Adsense account if you do not already have one) into your account profile. Qassia offers you 100% of your click-thru's for Google Ads displayed on your Intel page or user page. Most other ad revenue sharing websites split ad revenue. Qassia uses other advertising technology to make a profit, so 100% of the Google clicks are yours.

Only content that you have written, or that to which you own full publishing rights is allowed to be submitted. You earn more Qassia dollars for submitting original content, but you may also submit content that you have published elsewhere. Get signed up now and start earning revenue through Google Adsense, and get lots of traffic to your blog, website, Squidoo pages, personal website, or other favorite links. I can't see how there's any way to lose with this one!

Sign up for Qassia Now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Squidoo, Do you?

Since I found Squidoo, I can't get enough! It's like being able to create a new website for every idea you've ever had! Not only do you get paid with a share of ad revenue, and a share of affiliate sales, but you can advertise your own business, website, service, affiliate program, blog, etc. and you're already one (or 14) up since you're starting from a popular domain! I LOVE Squidoo!!

Squidoo is a great place where anyone can easily set up a web page on any topic, including personal interests, business ventures, affiliate marketing, or anything else! Squidoo makes it easy to upload pictures, display videos, connect to eBay auctions, Café Press shops, and everything on Amazon. Not only do you earn part of the revenue from affiliating, Squidoo also shares part of it’s ad revenue with you.

Check out my Squidoo pages here

A Squidoo page is called a ‘lens,’ and creators of lenses are called ‘lensmasters.’ Squidoo starts you right out with a page to create your lens, with the opportunity to add a couple keywords, give it a title, and choose a category. If this seems intimidating, which I’ll admit it was for me, you can start off by checking out other people’s lenses, to get an idea of what’s available to you. Either way, whatever you create can be modified once you’re inside your Dashboard, so don’t worry too much about what you enter on the first couple of pages. You’ll have the opportunity to add SO much more to it.

Once you’ve gone through the first couple of screens, click ‘publish my page now.’ This will take you to the next page where you’ll name the actual link for the page. This is the only thing you’ll never be able to change. Squidoo handily fills in a suggestion for you, and it’s likely the best option to simply accept it. Once you’ve clicked all the way through, and published your page, you’ll want to go to the Dashboard. From there you can add more text modules, fun sticky notes for important statements, modules for selling products from Amazon and eBay, voting modules for links and videos, links to Twitter, and so much more. You can always make changes, so play with it as much as you like.

Check out my lens

Inside the Dashboard, the My Lenses tab gives you a list of all your lenses with options to edit, label, and even delete. You can also check stats, approve comments, update your profile and look at your favorited lenses from the Dashboard. Create many new lenses, admire those in the Top 100, scope out the Lens of the Day, and learn more about the great opportunities of being a lensmaster at SquidU.

Squidoo takes a bit to get the hang of, and it takes a bit for your pages to catch on. Use all your connections, including the buttons on your actual Lens, to promote your page to places like Twitter, Delicious, Facebook and Myspace. Enjoy increasing revenue from your own advertising and affiliate sales, or shared revenue from Squidoo’s advertising and affiliate programs.

The best advice I can give is to check out other lenses before you decide to get started. This way, you’ll get a picture of just how many options you have to display those things about which you are so passionate. Whether it’s Krispy Kreme donuts, Metallica, your aunt’s hand-knitted mittens, or your Clixsense affiliation, make a lens. It’s cool, it’s fun, it’s easy, and you’ll make a little money for your efforts.

If you're ready to start building your very own Squidoo page, just click here!

The journey to making a living from home...

I began my journey to making money from home a few months back with paid online surveys. I've learned alot about which surveys are legitimate, which are scams, and which just aren't worth my time. Paid online surveys blossomed into a project to educate the world about which surveys they should take and expect to make money, prizes, sweepstakes entries, points, or flat nothing. From there was born. This is a free online directory of legitimate paid online survey panels. Each link includes an overview of what to expect when you sign up, and a link to join if you wish. I've also included a place for people who have experience with these survey companies to leave comments and a rating for the site. That way, if that particular paid online survey panel sucks, and I didn't know about it, you'll still be able to make an educated decision based upon the opinions of people who have the experience. I do belong to most of these sites myself, and I can tell you for a fact that none of the sites listed in the directory are scams. Some may have long drawn out surveys, (only a few) but most are easy, pay on time, not so bad to qualify for, etc.

This task developed into writing. It started when I decided to write an article about legitimate paid online surveys and post it all over the world. In doing so, I discovered a ton of resources for earning money to write, blog, review sites, write how to articles, share articles, create webpages, etc. Over the next few days, weeks, months, years, whatever! I'll be writing about my experiences with these 'get paid from home' sites.

It is my goal to provide you with knowledge, information, viewpoints, comments and reviews so that you may make a decision as to which of these prospects to get paid at home, from internet work, is really worth your time. I am absolutely loving what I'm doing, and if you have the determination, drive, patience, and desire, you can make it work, too.

Hopefully the information provided in this blog will get you off on the right foot to making money at home, and earning a good living from the internet. I welcome comments (no spam), suggestions, praise, donations (lol) and friendships. I hope you find this information to be valuable. Please use the links in the top right to find me on your favorite social networking site. Also subscribe to this blog so that you won't miss a beat. Shortly I'll be providing a link to opt in to my mailing list so you can gain insider information on how to make money at home, and make a great living earning revenue from the internet.