Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who Wants to Join a $10 Opportunity With Me?

I've been involved with KySS for over a year now. It's a $10 opportunity and we've just launched a global campaign to bring people in from all over the world, and start a revolution in the way network marketing operates.

I've just received an invitation from one of the top groups in the company to begin building on their team. We are still within the top levels of the company, and for a very limited time, our commissions are grandfathered. What does this mean?

It means, you spend $10, you get only one person to see the vision, which is easy to do considering how KySS operates, and you automatically bring in commission on everyone in your downline, personally sponsored or not! This is huge. I'm talking about real money that can change your life. No promises of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a month, but a 2x8 matrix, filled out quickly, bringing you about $1000 per month for a $10 investment. Just by your bringing in one person. It can be a family member, a friend or you can even sign up in multiple positions yourself. $10 is easy to come by, and KySS is giving the world, anyone Internationally, the opportunity to participate in this.

The opportunity to be grandfathered in with higher commissions ends on August 22nd, 2010. If you wait, you'll still be in an excellent position within the company, but you'll lose the opportunity to earn a higher commission on everyone in your matrix, personally sponsored or not!

It doesn't matter if you're in the US, in Brazil, in the Phillippines or in Timbuktu, if you're looking for something fun, easy and full of potential to bring in a residual monthly income that can make a change to your financial situation, please join me right now.

For your $10, you will actually receive your choice from their product line, in addition to the opportunity to start earning real money. These are products that people use every day, and my favorite is the lip balm. It's not your ordinary lip balm, but several flavors of this fantastically flavored KySS lip balm. (The cherry is splendid!) The other option, which I always select when I'm stocked up on lip balm, is the opportunity to donate $10 to a charity. For me, this fulfills two of my goals: I am working toward bringing in additional income for my family, plus I'm donating money to help another family in need. It's like a win-win situation, and a very small risk with big rewards!

I love KySS. I love what they stand for, the passion for the opportunity and the way they operate the business. I've been involved for about 18 months and in that time they've really amped up the entire process. If you've been shaky about getting into something like this, KySS is the way to go. It's a small investment for a relatively large payout $10 for $1000, and minimal work on your part.

Remember, if you join with me right now, you'll be grandfathered in at a higher commission for life! Please email me with your questions, or get more information here. Sign up when you're ready using ibloomdrop as your sponsor. That's me and I can't wait to have you on my team!

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