Thursday, December 25, 2008


So I have to say that myLot is really starting to grow on me. For those of you who haven't heard, myLot is a community where you can discuss issues, ask questions, view blog posts, news articles and read about people's personal experiences. The best part of myLot is you get paid for all your contributions to this site.

Each time you make a post, comment or submit a blurb, you are paid for your entry. Talk about the weather, get to know people, raise a complaint, get some information, a question answered, or post your thoughts. Each contribution earns you a little more money. There are some people who spend the better part of their days writing on myLot.

You can also use myLot to promote your business. Though, like any site, myLot disapproves of directly spamming and entering your network links anywhere and everywhere, if you're crafty, you can get word for your products and services out there. Technically, it's not considered spam if people are interested in what you have to offer. Just be careful about where you put links to your affiliate programs and such. Private messaging is the safer way to go, and always be conscientious of what you're pushing. If you know it's a scam, please don't try to get a million people involved!

Further, myLot allows you to post HTML code on your profile page. This is the PERFECT place to enter your affiliate banners, website links and network referral URLs. Then you can simply respond to posts by people looking for your time of services, and point them to your profile. myLot is a social networking community. Use that to your advantage, plus get paid! myLot also has a referral program. You can't go wrong. Spend all day, or even just a bit of time, posting and reading and having fun and you'll be bringing in some money in no time.

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