Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Survey Panel added to Survey Money Makers

As you know, I always check out new survey panels before I add them to any of my sites. I've done some checking on Clear Voice Surveys, and there are more positive comments than negative. None of the negative comments pertained to non-pay or spam. As with all survey panels, sometimes you qualify for the survey and sometimes you don't. I saw many good reviews of Clear Voice Surveys, and the ones that weren't great only complained that they didn't receive enough surveys.

The great thing about this new survey panel, however, is they pay you a little something even if you DON'T qualify. The only other survey panel I know of like that is MySurvey, which you can find a link to on the right hand side of this page. So, many people said they receive surveys frequently, and even the ones who complained of not enough surveys acknowledged that you at least make a little something even when you don't qualify.

So here's the banner for Clear Voice Surveys. This new survey panel will be added to Survey Money Makers shortly. Thanks for looking and good luck.

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