Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free Advertising for Your $1 Paypal Donation

The Internet Begging Experiment has just launched today. This is a really neat concept based upon the art of giving and receiving. At first glance, it may seem like your average internet begging website, but upon more careful review, you'll find that in exchange for 1 million people each donating $1.00, half will be donated to a selected charity, and anything above and beyond the one million dollar goal will be used to form a non-profit organization with the intention to help individuals in financial crisis.

If you look carefully, you'll also notice that for your participation in the Internet Begging Experiment, you have the option of getting a free 125x50 advertisement on the advertising page. Donate your $1, get involved in changing the world, and get free advertising for your business, your blog, your website, or just props for yourself!

So whether you want free advertising, you want to be involved in something HUGE with great potential for impacting the world in a positive way, or you just want to laugh at the gutsy request of $1 each from 1 million people, hop on over to the Internet Begging Experiment.

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