Thursday, December 17, 2009

Guaranteed Way To Generate Web Traffic With Backlinks

This morning I found a really cool way to generate web traffic through backlinks. This is a free service (with potential for upgrade if you so desire). It's called the Free Traffic System and after some research I found that it gets fairly good reviews.

From what I can see so far, there are a few ways to generate guaranteed web traffic using backlinks and one way links from quality and targeted niche pages. They offer some pretty good beginner videos on each page to get you started, but I'll try to explain a little of how it works here.

The first way to generate up to 30 quality backlinks to bring quality web traffic is by submitting one of your articles into the system. There's even an option to spin your article and in about 5 minutes time you can have several versions of your article, to avoid duplicate content on 30 blogs. Basically, people who own blogs are looking for quality content to post, and your article will be published on those targeted blogs.

If you don't care to write articles, you can submit your blog to the site. Give it AUTHOR permission and others can submit articles to your site. You'll earn backlinks and generate web traffic to your own blog while offering your readers additional content.

Free Traffic System has an affiliate program as well. Ok, so we all know how affiliate programs work, right? You sign up people and hope they opt in for the pro upgrade so you can get paid. That's nothing new. But with this affiliate program, even when you sign up free members, you'll earn even more backlinks for those referrals and their referrals. It's a 2-tier program for generating web traffic to your blog. And if someone does decide to go pro, you get the bonus.

So, I'm pretty excited about seeing results and generating my own guaranteed web traffic with this program. I plan to take advantage of ALL the free tools and hope to see tons of backlinks to my favorite pages. Google pagerank 10 here I come! Ok, so that's wishful thinking, but increasing my pages even one pagerank and/or generating dozens of backlinks would be ok with me. Especially since this is a free system.

If you're using Free Traffic System already, I'd love to hear from you. As always, I'd love to hear from you even if you aren't using it. Say hello, leave some feedback!


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