Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Best Website Hosting Company EVER!

If you're in the game to make money online then you're probably like me. You probably dream up 27 ideas per day and want to build a website for all of them. I'm finding that places like Squidoo give me a fantastic solution to my want for creating a website for everything I think of. Example: I've managed to create a pretty fancy selection of pages like 80's Pop Stars: Where are They Now, and Squidoo lenses for all my Zany Zodiacs Horoscopes. I'm enjoying the lovely amounts of traffic that come from belonging to the Squidoo community coupled with the amazing Google Rank that Squidoo has earned.

But just need a website! Whether you're just an internet junkie like me, or you want to run a full-fledged online business, I've got your answer for a web host. Look no further. The Design Shoppe offers anything and everything that I've ever wanted and more. And as an aside, The Design Shoppe offers an affiliate program, but I'm not signed up because I just love Julie and the gang so much that it's not necessary...and you know how I love to collect opportunities for cash flow!! But let me just say that I've been dealing with The Design Shoppe for over 8 years now. A hosting account with sufficient space, ample databases, ample bandwidth and a vast array of plug-ins, add-ons, and templates make the $12.95 per month a joy to pay. Of course she offers plans that are more expensive, and a couple that are less expensive, but I always shoot for the $12.95 per month since it offers SQL and PHP. (I like to dig around inside PHP once in a while and impress myself with what I can do!)

Even if you're a beginner to HTML, PHP, Javascript, or anything else that may be necessary to design a site, The Design Shoppe has you covered with amazing templates, a site builder, and even access to Joomla, Wordpress and other great installs through Fantastico.

And the customer service..... STELLAR! I have asked many a question over the past 8+ years and it's never been long before I receive a pleasant and helpful answer from Julie or one of her crew. The Design Shoppe's home page features information for everything available to you, plus don't miss the testimonials. Everyone pretty much says the same thing because it's absolutely true. Get in a bind, Julie will fix it immediately. Need an account, Julie will set it up promptly. Ask a crazy question, Julie will give you the best answer she can find.

Of course I don't have experience with any other hosting companies because I got lucky the first go around. So I can't 'actually' say this is the best web hosting company EVER because I have no experience otherwise. But I will say that I have never, not once, been disappointed in the 8+ years we've done business. Check it out for yourself. You will not be sorry.

The Design Shoppe - Web Hosting Services

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