Saturday, January 17, 2009

Take Advantage of Social Networking Communities to Make Money Online

Life is always about give and take. You just can't take forever without being expected to give something back. And if you give and give, you can expect to get back automatically. Making money online works a bit like this as well. Since most of us have by now determined that the get rich quick schemes never actually work, we know that making money online takes some work and some time. However, you don't have to go it alone like you might have had to several years ago. There are whole communities of people online trying to make money using their skills. Get into one of these communities, help out a friend and almost always you'll get the favor returned.

One of the best places for returning the favor is Tagfoot. Tagfoot is a great social bookmarking community. Not only does Tagfoot share revenue from advertising sales, but you also join a group of people who love sharing and helping each other out. Many Squidoo lensmasters belong to Tagfoot, so lots of lenses are shared, rated, viewed and commented on. Whether you create great lenses, write superb articles, want to share blog posts, or some great news you discovered on the internet, friends are there to help you out, and as always with an online community, it's great when you return the favor.


Gather is another fun place to post articles, thoughts, questions, observations and stories. Gather also offers a money making opportunity by giving you points for all your contributions to the site. Points can be redeemed for Paypal cash or other great gifts. There are groups especially created on Gather for commenting and rating other people's posts, images, videos and more. You get out what you put into this social networking group.

Squidoo offers you the opportunity to make money creating webpages, called lenses. Any topic which you find interesting, or for which you have knowledge, you are encouraged to (easily) create a page with images, information, links, videos and more. You can earn money with ad revenue share, plus direct affiliate links with Amazon, eBay, Cafe Press, etc. There are many options to dress up your pages and Squidoo is just a fun place to be. Join groups or browse other lensmaster profiles to make friends. People on Squidoo are wonderful about supporting each other's work. You'll find many of the same people on Squidoo, Tagfoot, Twitter and in other social networking communities.

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No matter what social bookmarking or networking group, or groups, that you choose to join - or for that matter, whatever other communities you decide to join - writing on eHow, answering questions on Yahoo Answers, whatever - it is sort of an unwritten rule in the world of the internet to return the favor. If someone leaves you a comment, go and check out their work as well. This kind of behavior establishes long-term internet friendships and you never know who you might meet. There are lots of people with lots of knowledge to share. Take advantage of the knowledge and return the favor to see your own page views, hits, and sales increase.

To add your profile names for a plethora of social bookmarking and social networking groups like Twitter, Tagfoot, Gather, MySpace, etc, visit this page. You will need to be signed into Squidoo to add your link. I look forward to meeting you and swapping stories!

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