Monday, August 24, 2009

All I Can Say is WOW, Zrii

So today, HMG announced that it's partnering with Zrii. If you've not heard of Zrii, it's a natural and healthful product created using the 5000 year old Ayurvedic formula for well being of body, mind and spirit. This product is the only 3rd party product endorsed by Deepak Chopra. What an exciting day!

I don't normally post about network marketing ventures on this blog. Usually I stay within the affiliate marketing, online survey, SEO website genre. But, this one is different for me. Everything about this opportunity is aligning with what I believe inside. This is my time and I hope you will join me.

For a long time, I've been practicing using the Law of Attraction to manifest wealth and prosperity into my life. Like many other people, I have experienced the true bottom of the barrel financially. Everything I read tells me to continue, even through hard times, to believe in myself and the fact that financial prosperity is available for anyone who seeks it. I have learned to use my intuition to aid my decision making processes, and when I heard about this opportunity to join with the Hager Marketing Group for free, I wanted more.

I've listened in on every conference call this group has held. I've known from the beginning that this is the opportunity for me, but today really struck home. Not only am I already receiving valuable training and mentorship from my upline, but I really believe in products that are natural and formulated for the purposes of health and well being. This is such a good fit for me, and I realized today that I am actually on my way to a 5-6 figure monthly income; not something I've yet to experience.

If you haven't heard of the benefits of the opportunity yet, please check out my Squidoo page at You have the opportunity to join a fantastic team of leaders, who train others to become leaders as well. There are amazing contests in place to join this team, plus goals set by HMG to create 100 millionaires and thousands or hundreds of thousands more earning 5 and 6 figure monthly incomes.

Many times, in the network marketing business, you're left alone to build your own team, plus you find out later that there's some quota you must maintain, or benchmark you must reach to get paid. That is not the case with this joint venture. Your position as a founding member (for a few more days only) is free. At this time, the $500-$1000 setup fee is being waived. Your commitment will be to try the product for 90 days at a cost of $120 plus shipping per month. That's it. If you love it, which you will, and you see drastic changes in the way you sleep, the way you feel, the way you look and your overall sense of health, share it with everyone you know. This is a word of mouth advertising campaign. All those people you work with, or party with, or church with, will see a change in your attitude, as well as your overall health, and when they find out you can make money while feeling the best you've ever felt, they'll be in.

If you're ready to change your life, and you have read this far, I'd venture to say that you're hungry for financial freedom. There is an opportunity here to rapidly create it, and my team of people will assist you in any way we can to help you reach your financial goals as quickly as possible.

If you'd like to hear a recording of one of the conference calls, please visit this link:

If you're ready to extend a commitment to finally learn how to make a real living while spending time doing the things that you love, plus earning the money to do everything you've ever dreamed of, please email I'll get back to you immediately and we can begin your journey toward abundance in your life.

As Brad Hager likes to say, "If you see a turtle on a fencepost, you know one thing for certain; he didn't get there by himself." This is the real deal. This is a legitimate work from home opportunity. This is not a get rich quick scheme. You will be trained and mentored to reach the highest goals any ordinary person might not even be able to imagine. You will still have a job, and you must commit to learning and working that job like you would any other. However, this job has the potential to drastically cut your hours and drastically raise your pay, plus create long term residual income or 'mailbox money'.

At very least, listen in on a conference call to see if this work at home opportunity is right for you. I know it's right for me and I couldn't be more excited about my near future.

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