Sunday, November 14, 2010

So Easy an 11 Year Old Can Do It! Get Traffic to Your Blog by Using Viral Tactics and Social Media

Listen. I've seen this thing in action. I'm not one to promote software or affiliate programs just to make a buck, which is actually why I started my top 10 lists. The top 10 lists are a combination of all the cools things I've found while banging around the Internet for the last 10 years, and a way for YOU to tell me what you think. Reviews, rating and comments so you can help drive the best of the best to the top of the top 10 lists.

But this thing. OMG. Like I said, I've seen it in action. As a serial entrepreneur, I immediately saw the potential this software has to really drive some amazing amounts of traffic to your website, blog, fanpage or even brick and mortar store! It uses contest marketing, which all the big dogs know exactly how to work, in a huge viral marketing way. You've even participated in their schemes by buying a soda at 7-Eleven, just to get the Farmville prizes or buying a Big Mac for the Monopoly pieces. This is how it works!

You start up a contest and blow it out the roof. You award people points in the contest for telling ALL THEIR FRIENDS about what you're doing. Obviously, people who want to win what you're offering (which by the way can be something huge like a trip or something teensy like a hat) will just hit buttons on Facebook, Twitter and the like to get the word out about your contest. Depending upon how you work it, you'll even get people writing articles, press releases and making YouTube videos about YOUR WEBSITE! Because....they'll get more points and that gets them closer to winning your prize.

I really can't explain this concept of contest marketing with the excitement that its due. I'm a crappy copywriter. But if you just go watch the video, you'll get it. If you've been busting yer @$$ trying to get traffic to your site, as soon as you see how this works, you'll sit back, breathe a sigh of relief and KNOW, just like I did, that this is it. This is the one. The third video in a series of three has just been released. Watch them all, but be sure check out the third one. It's amazing.

Here's a bit the link to the video...

If you want to see how an 11 year old boy sets up a simple
system for driving mountains of TRAFFIC, then you need to
stop everything you are doing and watch this incredible
video right now! Just go here and watch it from start
to finish:

(Talk about easy!)

Listen, there are three videos in case you’ve missed them…
but the latest one (video 3) is simply incredible. This
really is going to hit the market like a thunderstorm!
Be one of the first to see this for yourself…

Here’s what this system does for you Automatically:

- Creates a viral flood of traffic to your sites
- Creates a ton of “buzz” in the marketplace (any niche!)
- Creates a list of subscribers
- ENGAGES the subscribers (higher open rates)
- BRANDS the living daylights out of you or your products
- And makes you a small fortune in the process!

All. Completely. Automatically. And. Done. For. You.

How powerful is that?

This is already proven, already loaded with tons of case
studies (even from newbies) and is fully guaranteed to work
for you too! (Even an 11 year old can do it!) <--- video proof here:

Look, imagine waking up to

2,600 new subscribers... 1,800 new back-links to your site...
12 new YouTube Videos promoting your product...
3 new press releases promoting your product...
220 new Facebook posts about you and 14 new articles submitted...
(All promoting YOUR PRODUCT!)

• All DONE FOR YOU (Automatically)!

• WITHOUT SPENDING A Ton Of Money On Traffic!

• WITHOUT Breaking a sweat at all!

• ALL BY LETTING THE SYSTEM do it for you!


Hurry up and take a look at this video before it’s taken down.
I don’t know how long it’s going to stay up and this is a “Must See!”

Simply go here:


PS – Just got word that one user of this system got 4 months of
content created for him automatically, without barely lifting a finger!
This thing just keeps getting better and better.
You’ve got to see this:

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