Monday, July 18, 2011

Facebook Like Site for Network Marketing and Business Opportunities

Today one of my lovely online friends introduced me to a new site called BizOppers. It's a lot like Facebook but geared more for those of us who are involved in business opportunities or have websites to advertise. Like Facebook, you set up a profile and list your links. Others come to connect with you and you can share and swap info about your business and your expertise in network marketing.

One of the great things about BizOppers is that not only will you almost immediately connect with thousands of potential customers and share business opportunities, but you can also make money by referring people in your network. BizOppers offers a free version and some extra perks if you upgrade. Refer people who upgrade to Gold and you'll begin generating monthly commissions.

With the free account, you'll be able to set up your profile, list your business referral links and connect with thousands of other people. You can also ask for connections who can help you with your business needs, as well as list yourself as an expert or professional in several fields.

So far I'm enjoying my time on the site. I've only just set things up this morning and I've already got several connections. There is a leaderboard for the top referrers of the site and it's always fun to browse and see who's made the most connections.

Come on by and join me at BizOppers. See you on the inside!

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