Thursday, July 21, 2011

Online Sellers, Print Postage Online

There are so many ways to print postage online and if you're an online seller, having this option really makes online business life a lot more convenient. Recently, I was introduced to a cool product called pbSmartPostage from Pitney Bowes.

Here's what I like about Pitney Bowes. When I was 16, (a hundred years ago) I worked at an insurance agency as the administrative assistant. One of my jobs was to run bulk mail through a postage machine to get it ready for the Post Office. The machine I used was a Pitney Bowes and I was fascinated by the entire operation. So many companies nowadays end up going out of business because they don't flow with the changes. Pitney Bowes isn't one of these companies. They understand the need for individuals to print postage from home, not just large businesses. This is where pbSmartPostage comes in.

As a small at-home business owner, you'll be able to:
- Buy and print postage stamps online
- Print exact postage (so you don't overpay)
- Get discounted USPS rates on certain services
- Ship and track packages online
- Automatically verify address to reduce undeliverable mail
- Save time, gas, etc. by not going to and from the post office

I realize that there are a few great companies out there that provide similar services, but many of them haven't been in the postage business as long as Pitney Bowes. If you haven't yet selected your postage software, I encourage you to try out the pbSmartPostage 60-day free trial.


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