Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The journey to making a living from home...

I began my journey to making money from home a few months back with paid online surveys. I've learned alot about which surveys are legitimate, which are scams, and which just aren't worth my time. Paid online surveys blossomed into a project to educate the world about which surveys they should take and expect to make money, prizes, sweepstakes entries, points, or flat nothing. From there was born. This is a free online directory of legitimate paid online survey panels. Each link includes an overview of what to expect when you sign up, and a link to join if you wish. I've also included a place for people who have experience with these survey companies to leave comments and a rating for the site. That way, if that particular paid online survey panel sucks, and I didn't know about it, you'll still be able to make an educated decision based upon the opinions of people who have the experience. I do belong to most of these sites myself, and I can tell you for a fact that none of the sites listed in the directory are scams. Some may have long drawn out surveys, (only a few) but most are easy, pay on time, not so bad to qualify for, etc.

This task developed into writing. It started when I decided to write an article about legitimate paid online surveys and post it all over the world. In doing so, I discovered a ton of resources for earning money to write, blog, review sites, write how to articles, share articles, create webpages, etc. Over the next few days, weeks, months, years, whatever! I'll be writing about my experiences with these 'get paid from home' sites.

It is my goal to provide you with knowledge, information, viewpoints, comments and reviews so that you may make a decision as to which of these prospects to get paid at home, from internet work, is really worth your time. I am absolutely loving what I'm doing, and if you have the determination, drive, patience, and desire, you can make it work, too.

Hopefully the information provided in this blog will get you off on the right foot to making money at home, and earning a good living from the internet. I welcome comments (no spam), suggestions, praise, donations (lol) and friendships. I hope you find this information to be valuable. Please use the links in the top right to find me on your favorite social networking site. Also subscribe to this blog so that you won't miss a beat. Shortly I'll be providing a link to opt in to my mailing list so you can gain insider information on how to make money at home, and make a great living earning revenue from the internet.

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