Saturday, December 6, 2008

Make Money at Home Writing for Bukisa

Bukisa is one of my favorite sites to write and post articles and get paid. Bukisa is a portal for user-submitted articles, how tos, and other educational content in the form of videos, presentations, podcasts, powerpoint slides, image slideshows and audio recordings. Bukisa pays for content submitted, and it can be treated like a social networking site as you are given the opportunity to make friends, rate and comment on others' articles, and network for personal or business purposes. Make money for writing articles, creating videos and more! The process is very simple. Sign up here and once you've filled out your biography and profile information, click Submit Content and start publishing.

Everyone has a talent, and everyone has knowledge. Why not share that knowledge with the world via writing, audio, video, or podcast? With Bukisa, you can upload these kinds of documents, and more, and earn residual income from home. Bukisa is a great site for beginners, or to maximize earnings for writing and video projects that you've already created.

Tip #1 - Their website is still a tiny bit clunky, but for the most part it's smooth sailing. Your articles, videos, podcasts, how to documents, and images should be published immediately, although occasionally I get a message saying an article has to be approved. This approval process seems to take less than a few hours, so no worries there.

Tip #2 - If you click Publish and nothing happens, scroll up to check that you've only got between 10 and 30 words in your Short Summary. Also make sure you've got at least 250 words inside your article. The screen doesn't refresh when this is a problem, so you may wonder what's going on.

At Bukisa you can publish text articles, video, audio, slides or images. Pay is based on their current index and revenue sharing model, meaning you can earn the dollar amount reflected by the current index for every 1,000 views your content receives. The other great thing thing about Bukisa is they pay 3 levels down for affiliates and invited friends. So sign up, invite your stay at home mom and dad friends, and have a writing party! You'll earn for your own reads, views and listens, and earn a little something for your friends' content, too!

Stay at home moms or dads have yet another exciting and easy way to get paid for working and writing from home. Bukisa does not require exclusive rights, so you may submit previously written articles, as long as you are the writer. (You may wish to make slight changes to content and title to avoid search engine duplication, a matter in debate by SEO experts.) Articles are usually published immediately, though occasionally you may notice an article pending for review. Bukisa seems to be very good about getting articles reviewed quickly.

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