Friday, January 23, 2009

Awesome Affiliate Program for Video Gamers

I stumbled upon a fantastic affiliate program recently. If you like to play video games on your computer, or you have a site that attracts this type of customer, the Big Fish Affiliate Program might be what you've been looking for!

Anyone you refer to your page gets signed up under your friend space. Anytime they make a purchase, or refer friends, you get paid! And you get paid for a lifetime, or as long as you are a partner with the network.

Get paid 25% for your friends for a lifetime. And the best thing about this program is the games are FANTASTIC! They offer all the games you love, like Escape the Museum, Aveyond, Atlantic, Solitaire. There are over 1000 games to play. This is the real deal...not some faker website. They even verify that their games are virus and spyware free!

This affiliate program offers over 1000 video games available for free download. These video games are beautifully done, extremely popular, high-graphic, with loads of options, music and online stats. These are the $20 video games that you can download instantly with 1 hour of free play, but with the Game Club program, you can get the full version of games for $6.99.

This video game affiliate program has lots of options for linking as well. They give you text links, banners, and full color and specific graphics for any video game you wish to link to and offer to your customers. And the best part is they give you the stats for the Top Ten earners...the #1 is over $200,000. Now that's enough to get me motivated, how about you?


To get started with the video game affiliate program with Big Fish click here to sign up


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