Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Make Money Online Building Niche Blogs

If you run in MMO (make money online) circles, you've probably heard of Garry Conn. He is a brilliant internet marketer who shares his love of making money on the internet with anyone who's willing to take the time to read what he's got to say. Recently I stumbled across a post that he shared on building niche blogs to make money. I typically (in fact, ALWAYS) avoid buying anything that promises to change my online money making life, but something in my gut told me this guy was different. It turns out my intuition was dead on. Go intuition!

I got involved immediately by purchasing a 60-minute video that Garry was offering. Much to my surprise, and delight, Garry had his soon-to-be-famous 'lightbulb' moment and started a forum. Already this forum is full of TONS of great videos and documents with tips and tricks to make money online using the power of Wordpress to create blogs and static money-making webpages. Many great people have already signed up and we're sharing ideas and knowledge, and asking lots of questions!

Here's a little blurb from THE man himself:

When I first started blogging three years ago, I had a difficult time. Asking for advice or help from bigger and more popular bloggers was a challenge. It seemed like none of those guys would help let alone even give me the time of day. I am very competitive in nature and when I quickly started to see how things were in this little world we called the blogosphere, I felt more than happy to take on the challenge.

My goal was to make money blogging. It took me around a year to get to the point where I could say, "Yeah... I am making some money, but not a lot" and then about six months later things really started to take off. Fast forward to today, and I have been successfully making a very excellent living being a full time professional blogger. I own literally hundreds of blogs and sites and my monthly earnings have at times exceeded $10,000 / month.

I want to offer you an exclusive opportunity to learn from me. This offer gives you the ability to fast forward and bypass the mistakes I have made and learned from. If you are serious about making a career out of earning money on the Internet, consider joining my private membership site. I am confident that doing so will change your life.

Best Regards,
Garry Conn

I'm here to tell you, it would be of great benefit to you to sign up and get involved in this forum. I've made so many positive changes to my websites over the past few days; things I'd never thought of doing, and access to tools I didn't know existed. Check it out. Basic and VIP memberships available.

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