Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Make Money Online by Joining an Affiliate Network

Whether you're seasoned at the make money online game, or you are brand new, one of the best ways to make money online is by joining affiliate networks. Affiliate networks offer you a centralized place to apply for and join tons of affiliate programs. Rather than having 'paperwork' for 40 different affiliate programs, you can join an affiliate network and get all your stats, tools, banners, links and payments from one place.

I found an affiliate network today that I really like. InstantDollarz is an affiliate network that offers hundreds of ways to make money online with links, banners and fun programs for your readers and website visitors to enjoy. InstantDollarz has affiliate programs for online surveys, ringtones, free credit reports, horoscopes, psychic networks, coupons and more. Hundreds of programs to choose from, and you can even earn money by referring other affiliates and publishers to the network.

InstantDollarz has a great system for tracking your stats. They also got some fun APIs for locking exclusive content until your visitors click a signup link, and they allow you to incentivize your content. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the affiliate network and affiliate programs that InstantDollarz has to offer. To sign up now and check it out for yourself, check out the banner below:

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