Friday, April 3, 2009

Make At Home Money with the Palm Research Survey Affiliate Program

I've recently gotten involved with Palm Research. They have many surveys available and a couple of panels. You can take one survey per day from each panel. The best part about making money with surveys from Palm Research is their affiliate program. I thought it was just like any other survey affiliate program until yesterday when I got an email from them saying they had code available for my websites that displays available surveys in banner format, with your affiliate link embedded! How cool is that? You can take a peek at what it looks like by checking the top of this page:

Get Paid To Take Surveys Online Free

I'm excited about including Palm Research in my advertising for making money with online surveys. They've certainly taken it a step further by offering this code. Go ahead and sign up to become an affiliate of Palm Research, make money by taking a couple of surveys per day, and tell everyone you can about getting paid with these fun surveys from Palm Research.

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